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At times the Mobile App fails to provide the expected outcome launched in Appstore. In this scenario’s the first reason that comes to mind as if it might be due to lack of efforts of a mobile app development company. It is easy to hold the other responsible for it but it is necessary to find the root reason of its failure.

The mobile app development company is at fault only when the app confronts issues in functioning or design interface. Nevertheless, if the features of the app work seamlessly and still the app does not accomplish the required user base then the issue rests somewhere else. Generally, people do not think how their app is going to stand out among 2.2 million apps in the Appstore? The major reason is that the users are not revealed to your app hence the download factor is affected. The chief reason for the smaller quantity of downloads for your mobile app.

Strategy for App Store Optimization: Essential Elements Influencing Mobile App’s Visibility


1. App Name and Icon

Nature and features should relate directly to name and icon of the mobile app. The distinct names and artistic icons also appeal the users to scroll down and click on the same.
An important fact to keep in mind is that app icon is later resized as per Appstore norms to meet the assigned space. Hence it is better to have knowledge of the exact size of the icon and design also in that accordance so that the icon is more intriguing.


2. Video and Screenshots

The screenshots are a huge factor whether the user will hit the download option. Hence the owner should also keep in mind to utilize these allocated space wisely.There a space allotted in the App store where mobile app owner can add screenshots and videos of the app for users to get a glimpse of it. These screenshots are the deciding factor for users whether to hit the download button or not.

The excellent method to use this space is to create a story connecting multiple screenshots to illustrate basic characteristics and functionality of your app to users. Also, you should get videos from your design team highlighting the work that appeases you or gives an entertainment in its own novel way.


3. Keywords

To utilize the keywords they should be strategically used in title and description of the app to assist the app to go higher in rank in the App Store. The measured use of specific keywords would improve the ranking of your app. Unification of simple and obvious to include the keyword in the headline and other keywords in the description for outstanding results.

Before post launch of the app after checking basic search and usage pattern of mobile app browsers assure to restore these keywords.


4. User Reviews

If the ratings are low then the customers would refrain from using it. This demonstrates the effect of user reviews and ratings have on mobile app downloads. Generally when you as a buyer are hesitant to buy the under-rated app same goes for other as well.

Requesting practices for good reviews is not a good choice. Preferably create a strong and functional app that users cannot resist writing positive for it and give good ratings.



Aside from these factors, competition analysis, marketing your product, a number of downloads are also a part of app store optimization strategies. Precisely a great visual icon, suitable name, strategically placed keywords, concise description, and screenshots lined up in an appealing storyline and video can enhance the distinctness of your app in the App Store.

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