In Recent years, Embedded Analytics is emerging as a powerful tool among the business users, because it not only helps a customer to engage in company’s site for a longer time but also enables management for a quick decision-making process through data analysis.

According to a report published by Zion Market Research, the global embedded analytics market was valued at around USD 30.5 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach approximately USD 77.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 14.2% between 2019 and 2025.

Similarly, as per Market Research Future, the market for embedded analytics is forecast to grow by 14% per year to a $52 billion market by 2023.

Here, in this reading we’ll look at the top advantages of embedded analytics and how it has a positive impact on Business processes globally:

1) An Edge Over Custom-coded Solutions

If you look back in time, then you can easily find that deploying software like analytics and Business Intelligence in an IT organization requires a lot of time if it’s about planning and development phase. As a result, these custom-coded applications exploit internal resources like developers, who couldn’t pay heed on other significant projects, but while with the embedded analytics, such scenario ends here. Through visual analytics tools, you can connect to disparate data sources and design reports through a user-friendly interface.

2) No Need to Have a Technical Expertise

It has been observed that embedded analytics is not only becoming the tools for a faster deployment but also, taking less development time from your technical guys. If you go through various visual analytics tools, then one feature is common among them, i.e., they have an easy interface which enables a business user to create visualizations on their own. Additionally, the embedding procedure is so simple that even developers can complete it within a specific period of time.

3) Minimizing Cost for Regular Support

In contrast with the complex custom-coded applications, embedded analytics don’t need much investment in maintenance and support, because new and altered data is easy to connect, visualizations are simple and easy to update. On top of that, embedded code changes little. Apart from this, Business users can continue to support visualizations on their own with less support from the in-house development team.

4) Easy Access to The Fresh Information

As a report is designed and embedded, the data connect and refreshes as often as required. Various types of customers require specific information from your organization at different types of occasions. At this point in time, Embedded Analytics enables a customer instantly to access the analytics as per his convenience with a thought that the data, he is getting right now, is fresh.

5) Customer Support in an Instant Way                                                     

With the usage of embedded analytics, customers can get answers of their own queries in a blink of an eye. As a result, they would require less support from a concerned department of the company. This offloads the work pressure on the customer care staff and develops a healthy environment where support division of the organization may brainstorm to redress proactively ongoing customer issues.

To Satisfy Business needs as well as customer’s, companies have to design an interface for them that provides customized information in real-time, and at such a scenario Embedded Analytics steps in which enables an organization to meet customer demand without stuck in development time. And as a Leading IT Company, Coding Brains has vast experience in designing Embedded Analytics Software a lucrative prize.

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