If you move back in history, you will find the usage of term plug-in first coined for UNIVAC series 90 mainframe computers. But it really took flight in 2002, when Mozilla Firefox was introduced with this new concept to add features to the Web browser. By the simplest term, Plug-ins enables you to customize your web browser to do all types of works that you willing to make it do.

Technically speaking, they are part of the software, consisting of an array of functions that are embedded to a program, enhancing capabilities and functionalities for your Business website. For instance, if you want to play a Promotional video on a specific webpage then you are required to have a plugin because you know that there are some limitations in your browser that doesn’t support to the play features. But with the help of this technology, you can allow displaying additional marketing content, which is not originally designed to display. Isn’t that cool!

According to W3Techs, a surveyor of technology usage states 30.8 % market share is occupied by WordPress when it comes utilizing the tailor-made functions of Plug-in for online Business Platform. But this not ends here, there are other companies in the same domain such as Joomla, Drupal, Magneto and many more who are struggling for capturing the market.

The sole objective is to exploit plug-ins to make services more personalized and convenient as per user’s desired specifications. So, here in this article, we will let you know how you can utilize plug-ins to accelerate your business growth online and in the right direction as well:

1) Versatility to Your Website through Customized form Plug-in

While navigating to any website you can easily find the contact us page, which help you to get in touch with the organization at any time. But with the support of the Form Builder Plug-in, you can optimize more features than you think for your Business Website. For instance, if you are seeking for payment page integration then with its user-friendly features you can create the pages on your own. Apart from this, Plug-in will enable you to develop survey forms for marketing research with an option of pre-designed templates.

2) Data about Target Audience through Google Analytics Plug-in

Proper information about the market size and preferences is the key that unlocks the way to a successful marketing strategy. At this point in time technology steps in as Google Analytics Plug-in. With the advent of this, you can collect reliable information about your customers in a whole new way. Once your website is connected with the Plug-in, you are enabled to eye on which module users are visiting most and what sort of product interesting them. That, later on, paves the way for a perfect marketing planning.

3) Driving Web Traffic through Search Engine Optimization Plug-in

As your Business website goes online, you need to lure more visitors on your site by improving its search rankings. And it can be done with the SEO Plug-in, which helps you to choose the keywords, Meta description and add a title to each webpage for your site. Moreover, they benefit you to simply reproduce keyword suggestions by typing in a specific keyword.

4) Interact with Your Customers with a Real-Time Chat Plug-in

Utilizing Plug-in for chat process at the website, you are enabled to engage with your clients as well as prospects instantaneously. With the support of it, your customer service agent, interact with the visitors and resolves queries regarding product and services. When the conversation is over, the client can leave feedback and personal experience with your executive.

5) Share Your Business Address with a Map Builder Plug-in

If you share your Business location or address with your prospective clients, then it becomes a cakewalk for you to enable your customers to reach your Business. With the help of Google maps builder plug-in, you can easily create a number of maps with specific locations on each map. When it comes to each location marker, you can create descriptions and titles for them. In addition to this, you can change the appearance of the marker with different colors and icons.


Just as the Web technologies are evolving Day by Day, various companies are getting upper hand over it, when it comes to marking footprints in a competitive Business Environment. The same notion is being employed as well for the usage of Plug-in by various corporations worldwide to enhance overall Business performance at a virtual platform. And as a Leading Website Development company, Coding Brains has vast exposure in designing a competitive range of Responsive themes and plug-ins. Our dedicated team of trained professionals can help you to deliver a customized plug-in to increase functionality for your Business Website.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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