Distinction between Cloud Computing & Software as a Service

Majorly people seem to believe that SaaS and cloud computing are the same, but on the contrary, they are very different. However, they are associated having a minimalistic difference. I am going to layout comprehensive summary of both the terms which will make you more aware and enable to make a more informed decision to determine the appropriate service for your business.


Cloud Computing


Conditions of usage

  • In the past, people use to rent time on a computer to operate on it. 
  • Whereas in present people began having their personal computers in which they can install all types of software. Hereafter, handling the data and its preservation grew into a tough task.
  • It is expected in future people to follow the process of renting time just in an improved way. Also, it is expected that a group of computers at some private place can be accessed from any device even our mobile phones.

Beginning from SaaS to Cloud Computing


Software as a service relates to any software application that is reached from outside the establishment. The finest element is that it eliminates all the pain of installation and deployment of a software. SaaS curbs the difficulty faced because of VPNs for collaboration. It is no way to develop an application nor a plug-in to any other application. Rather, the application is working at the vendor’s place on their servers.

It becomes cost-effective with SaaS as it conserves energy, decreasing investments on installing the application on multiple desktops across the organization. Undoubtedly, SaaS is the first point of cloud computing. Nevertheless, it also includes the disadvantage like commanding the system. The data you might have saved cannot be only limited to you. The vendor can command it, access it and even lock you out. Usually, it is not an issue for the consumers, but it is an issue of concern for enterprises.

It is acceptable as there was no choice other than to Saas, but after the emergence of cloud computing, things are way more reliable providing no control to the vendor.


Contrast between SaaS and Cloud Computing


SaaS and Cloud Computing is dispensed through your browser so it is a matter of concern as you can only utilize if your computer is connected to the Internet. However, there is less differentiation listed between cloud computing and SaaS.

Cloud computing grants you access to the environment in which you can customize it. Whereas with SaaS, you’re limited to the characteristics as per the software, but cloud computing provides the competency over expanding the server capacity or storage space as per the requirement.

Cloud computing grants versatility over your resources and costs. It can increase or decrease in accordance with your specification. However, with SaaS, the cost and the functionality are fixed up before beginning it. SaaS also gives service that would meet in all situations whereas Cloud computing is extremely customizable.

Consequently, it can be stated that any software as an application can be reached through cloud computing. Contact Coding Brains if you want to identify how SaaS and cloud computing can benefit your enterprise.

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