Dealership Management Software: Breakthrough Advantages, Features, and Comparison with CRM

Every industry needs Dealership Management Software that provides all the functionality and also offers maximum information about cars to both Dealers and Buyers and Dealers.

Consumers are browsing and surfing the internet as they have never done before. But when it comes to reselling or buying a car, people need more convenience. Buyers want to have all of the information related to the car on their devices, before even entering the showroom to take a look at the vehicle.

As per the research, the Automobile Software Market which was valued at approx $18.5 billion in the year 2019 is expected to reach approx $43.5 billion by the year 2027.

So, let us look at some common queries regarding this topic:

What is a Dealership Management Software?

Now let’s begin from the start. First, let us explain that in the automobile industry DMS is Dealership Management Software. Dealership Management Software is the central hub of dealership that brings all functional areas like accounting, sales, auto dealership, and services inventory control together in a single system. The right Dealership Management Software should give insight into how the business is performing, improving the efficiency of day-to-day processes and, turning data into profitable growth.

How Businesses can benefit from using Dealership Management Software?

Dealership Management Software is more efficient simply at managing data and keeping records than storing and printing paper as it was done in the old days. Before then, information was difficult to access and could easily get lost. It was not possible at all to track few information, like the activities on your website.

Main Dealership Management Software’s Features

A Car Dealership Management Software includes dealer websites that are integrated and also other many online tools that allow business owners to make use of smartphones in managing processes on the run. Here is the list of many of such basic features:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Contact Database
  • Desking
  • Rental Management
  • Sales Automation
  • Inventory
  • Booking
  • Payments
  • Workflow Automation

Basic Features of CRM and Dealership Management Software:



                Contact Database                       Sales Automation
                       Inventory            Contact Base & Segmentation
                       Payments                   Marketing Automation
                     Accounting                    Tracking Interactions
                Sales Automation      Service Department Management
                       Marketing                  Workflow Automation
              Workflow Automation                    Rental Management
                Rental Management                 Showroom Management

Benefits of Using Dealership Management Software in a Dealership

  • Dealership Management Software helps clients by speeding up the processing of purchase documents, thereby increasing performance many times over.
  • You can assess your business position quickly.
  • Dealership Management Software handles dealer inventory management, such as spare parts, available models, etc.
  • It helps close more deals efficiently by handling dealer and customer meetings.
  • You can monitor your dealership profitability in real-time.
  • This ensures communication is seamless between departments.
  • If you have multiple location offices, you can access them with a single click in the Dealership Management Software.
  • It also integrates smoothly with current software.
  • Since most Dealership Management Software is cloud-based, it can be accessed whenever it is needed.
  • Constant dealer availability via SMS helps retain customers.

Dealership Management software can have many additional functions, which not only enhances and offers customers many unique services but also provides information and helps dealerships understand customers’ needs regarding other parts and the vehicles.

Many of the researches show that the customer experience matters a lot when online car sales are growing. So, dealers should design websites as client-oriented to have an advantage over their competitors.

We have now provided all exhaustive information about Dealership Management Software. If you have other questions, Coding Brains is happy to answer all your queries, feel free to please contact us.

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