Chatbot development

Since a long time companies are discovering the potential of bots which are capable of conversing with others and can work automatically so that it improves the employee productivity and increases engagement between employee and customers.

According to the latest research, 27% of adult clients in the U.S are ready to purchase basic goods through a chatbot, 13% of adults in the US have at least once bought expensive items using Chatbot. 

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot uses text-based live chat for customers which come under the category of a computer program. This has been designed to create situations where a human can interact like a conversational partner. Using a computer Interface, this technology enables in making conversations more humanly in such a way that computers can communicate in human’ native language.

This has definitely been a journey of evolution from conversational to human conversation. 

Before we talk about how Chatbots can empower organizations, let’s see how Chatbots have evolved in the past couple of years.


Eliza was the first Chatbot which was capable of interacting with humans.


As very rightly said ‘A friend in need is a friend in deed’, Mitsuku is a virtual friend who is available anytime of the day. An intelligent software, she learns with time and experience, so the more you talk to her the more she becomes your friend and more intelligent to become your friend. 


Created by A.I.M.L (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), A.L.I.C.E stands for Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer entity. It is a minimalist and very open language for creating Chatbot personalities.

Smarter Child 

This is available on AOI Instant Messenger and Windows Live messenger. Smarter child is a very efficient Chatbot.

Albert One 

An artificial Intelligence Chatbot Albert one has been created to copy the way human beings make conversations using an approach which is multi-faceted. Albert one has been programmed in Natural Language programming. This was designed by Robby Garner.

Let’s look at the types of Chatbots:

Enterprise Productivity 

To Increase the productivity of enterprises ,Custom enterprise bots, known popularly for emerging application of technology work toward connecting enterprise data resources , not only this , it also streamlines enterprise flow of work and hugely increases efficiency . Employees prefer using bots to review the sales number, check the production and performance of the enterprise. These are also used to observe the exact status of inventory. Along with this, they can also be used to schedule meetings and improve and fasten the process of decision making.

Information providing Chatbot 

Information Chatbots check and identify the information; it is a very good tool to resolve employee and customer questions. Especially, the content, which is context-specific and predefined, can be obtained via voice, visuals and text. This in turn reduces customer effort and helps in achieving accurate results.


Device control bots support connected devices for conversational interfaces. Thus improving the experience of the users is hugely enhanced. Other—improving user experience, Devices that have virtual assistants such as smartphones can function with connected smart devices like lights, thermostats, and switches.


Mobile applications require robust interfaces to book tickets, manage bank accounts, order food etc… Bots such as Alexa helps in taking sound and voice a mainstream way to pay .These activities are solely focused on Chatbot purchasing.

The Chatbot development strategy should be in sync with the company’s broader futuristic vision and strategy. This would lead to a comprehensive road map that will assist the company’s Chatbot efforts over time. Approach becomes an essential in taking this forward, what matters the most is success of Chatbot development. 

It is very important to chart a Chatbot development strategy to take it forward, it is very important that the Chatbot development strategy stand strong and efficient among many other competitors.

We at coding brains work towards providing efficiency and skill in making this happen. Coding Brains provides Chatbot development app development frameworks and other solutions.

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Faiz Akhtar
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