Coming year 2019 will see a massive growth in the investment of Artificial intelligence. According to Accenture analysis, key clinical health AI applications can potentially create $150 billion in annual savings for the US healthcare economy by 2026.

In the next three years, only three-quarters of healthcare specialists are willing to invest in Artificial Intelligence. However, some of them lack the ability to deploy this technology according to PWC. Merely 20% of respondents had the technology to flourish with AI.

What is it? 

Chat-bots are one such AI tool that has become more popular in recent time. Major tasks like scheduling appointments, reducing the paperwork, handling the clients visiting the website and accounting etc are all handled by these AI Chat-bots.

Chatbots 2

Chat-bots are not a newbie in the industry. They already conquered the retail and service sector. The Healthcare Industry has not yet widely accepted the Chat-bots. But soon it will be the game changer in the Healthcare Industry too. Apart from being cost-effective, it can help in scheduling the doctor’s appointment; notify the nurse in case of critical condition and monitoring the health status of the patient. The Conversational Chat-bots can directly consult with the patients and handle their queries. They are crucial in scheduling appointments.

What to Grab? 

By following the honest approach, it is difficult to say that Chat-bots is the proper solution or one may say the substitute of the medical care. But, they can be a good assistant to doctors in reducing the cost, manpower and attending patients on call. However, the 24 * 7 availability is likely to be the best chance to make them irresistible part of the Health Care Industry.

How Coding Brains is an important ingredient of this revolution?

Since the AI Chat-Bots is an emerging field, so there is a lot of applications, products, and services developing in the den of Coding Brains for Health Care Industry. We’ve learned to become an expert in AI by keeping patience, perseverance and continuously staying updated in the technology. Come and be an important part of this revolution with Coding Brains.

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Faiz Akhtar
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