Building Construction Project Management Software the Right Way: Are we transforming the construction industry digitally now?

At least two days a week. That’s how much time you may be losing if your construction project management software is not in place and project scheduling and coordination are botched. Add the cost of missed deadlines and never-ending paperwork. But here’s a thing.

According to the report delivered by WBCSD, digitalization is still only in its infancy in the entire sector. In different words, construction firms aren’t making the most of digital solutions like construction project management software programs.

If your construction plans many times go awry because of poor project management, you can think of it as a warning shot. 

Where are the construction businesses on their digital transformation path?

There are several deterrents to embracing progress in the construction industry:

  • Your legacy systems and other stakeholders may cause the misalignment of processes, making digital transformation very difficult to embrace.
  • An aging workforce is reluctant to adapt and also lacks the skills to do so.
  • Your construction business culture may be old-fashioned, getting in the way of you keeping up with technology and embracing new techniques like construction project management software. 
  • Digitalization is impossible without some investments, and it won’t pay off in as little as a month or two.

But the thing is that none of these challenges can downgrade the importance of construction project management software in the construction industry and digitalization as a critical move. There are no excuses for shying away from transformation.

What software solutions are used in the engineering and construction industry?

Contractors and builders look set to optimize their processes with solutions, ballooning the market to a shade over $3 billion by 2027. It’s happening currently, so your rivals may have brought the software already to their management tables.

From all-in-one construction project management software to platforms for specific processes, here are five different solutions you may want for your business:

  • Business process management software.
  • Takeoff software.
  • Worksite document exchange solutions.
  • Equipment tracking and maintenance software.
  • Construction project management software platforms.

Advantages of construction project management software

1) For the Construction Industry:

Construction project management software solutions pack organization and tracking benefits in spades, and they can make all the difference for your site workers and project managers.

2) For Project Managers:

Check with your project managers if they’re okay with multiple spreadsheets and the paperwork they have to trawl through every day. You will hear weary sighs nine times out of ten.

Turning what once was a heavy burden into a snap is the key benefit of adopting a construction project management software solution. With this, your office team can do the workflow planning, job scheduling and budgeting without an avalanche of paperwork weighing on it. When it is done digitally, these processes are more efficient.

Also, construction project management software can save your project managers hours of reporting and tracking. You don’t want to overlook this scenario, as these tasks may take over 30% of their time. This translates into more than three hours per day that could be spent coordinating field teams or resolving issues that need immediate attention.

3) For the Construction Crew:

Your site workers know how poor field-office communication is tied to project delays. If they’re always in the dark about engineering plans and change orders, any construction task becomes really difficult.

However, cloud-based construction project management software can help you make sure everything goes to plan. It sets up a real-time communication channel so that your field crew can receive change orders and plans as per your clients’ issues them. 

Using construction project management software your workers can stay aware of what construction tasks need to be handled first and log their time as they go ahead with them. That’s how you know your project unfolds while your field teams know they’re paid fairly.

At Coding Brains, we know the drill. Contact us and we’ll prove it to you by giving you a few pointers on your construction project management software.

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