Best Maintenance Plan on Android Apps

When the purpose is app maintenance, it becomes inevitable to look into costs; you’ll consider nurturing servers, push notifications, payment gateways, and more.

Though Publishing is one of the major tasks, but it also involves constant Monitoring. 

The first thing would be to publish your application. The go-to places for publishing are usually Google play in the case of androids and the apple app store in the case of iPhones. The next task is to Monitor the application and see who all are daily active users of your app, which is clearly going to tell you how many apps the users have installed and who all engaging in your app. There is also an option of looking at the Monthly Active Users which will tell the graph of monthly users. 

Researchers say that app maintenance typically needs added expenses; In the first year maintenance expenses could be really high which can come up to 50% of the total development cost and decreases 15-25% in the next few years.

Maintenance Plans on Android apps:

Adaptive Maintenance: Adaptive Maintenance means continuously making up-gradation in the system to keep tracking and keep the system updated. To make this happen it is very important to make changes in the working operating system and also hardware and software solutions. 

Corrective Maintenance: If you keep including corrective maintenance it will automatically take care of the repairs and defects that may occur over the period of time. Errors that may happen because of coding etc are also put under the budget of corrective maintenance.

Emergency Maintenance:  Sometimes complications or problems may occur suddenly in which scenario you need to be up to date and cater to the concerns as soon as possible, Thus providing a good experience to the user.

Perfective Maintenance: Taking actions on the newly developed user feedback becomes an integral part of any app development company including coding brains. In such cases, the company needs to take Protective measures and bring on the necessary changes.

Preventive Maintenance:  As human beings, the least we can do is to take Preventive maintenance measures which involve deleting any error which may happen in the future. It would involve code maintenance and updating all errors in the system. 

Thus, once the development and publishing have been taken care of, the next stage which any enterprise would want to take care of now is the Maintenance stage.

Coding Brains, as a leading Mobile app development company, plans for various types of maintenance costs that may occur in future. To know more about the Maintenance plan on Android apps Contact us.

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