All stages of Game Development: How it will allow you to organise and optimize workflow?

Game development is a complex process, so it takes a lot of effort to create a masterpiece. Every game development company claims to offer the necessary results, remember that not all of them can offer game production processes with proper workflow and management.

According to 40% of game developers, cloud streaming in game development will be the largest growing platform by 2025. That’s why it’s important to know about all the stages of game creation, which will allow you to organize and optimize your workflow.

So here you will learn about the stages of game development and how to find a reliable partner for your game development.

Stages of game development

The game development process usually consists of 5 main phases: pre-production, production, quality assurance, launch, and post-production maintenance.

Phase 1. Pre-production

The game development process should always start with proper planning, which is often ignored by many companies. It is essential to gather complete information about the requirements of the upcoming products, such as technical aspects, specific features, etc. Managers and product owners define the goals and business of the project and create a road map that forms the main concept behind it.

This phase includes market, competitor, and target group analysis, platform selection, resource allocation, strategy and risk calculation. Once requirements gathering is complete, a comprehensive game design document is created that will continue into the production phase.

Phase 2. Production

This is the main and most labor-intensive phase of video game production. Once all the elements in the game are ready, developers write numerous lines of code to tie all the content together, often using game engines. Developers try to consider all possible technical factors and create a positive user experience.

Phase 3. Quality assurance

After the production job is finished and the game arrives in its full form, it needs to be tested to make sure it is bug-free and will work without errors. No matter how complex the game is, quality assurance testing is an inevitable process in line with successful game development. Even a small error can negatively affect the user experience and overall gaming experience. Mobile game development studios usually perform functional, non-functional, alpha, and beta testing.

Alpha Testing: This is the final testing phase of a completed game, which is done when functionality, performance, compatibility and other features are tested and all bugs are fixed.

Beta Testing: Sometimes Alpha testing is followed by Beta testing, which does not involve any technical or software tool. This is done by simulating the players to find the problems that the end users may face while playing the game.

Phase 4. Launch

The most anticipated stage of game development is the launch. Launching a game means submitting it to stores where players can buy or download it. However, this process must be done precisely, considering the important conditions of a particular app store.

Also, even though the game is ready, there are still some bugs. Therefore, the game development team continues to improve the game concurrently with the launch.

Phase 5. Post-production

The story of game production does not end with the launch, it requires constant monitoring of fixes and improvements that enrich the user experience. Professionals monitor stability and performance and come up with regular updates. A game development company usually updates the game content or adds some exciting features and mechanics to keep the users engaged.

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