Agile Software development approach: Techniques to deliver products with a high degree of client satisfaction

Involving the client in every step of the Business project means that there is a very high chance of collaboration between the client and the project team. It will also give the client and project team a high degree of collaboration.

If you deliver very high-quality working software, it will encourage them to be deeply engaged in the project. Let us look at some benefits of Agile Software Development:

  • Transparency

An Agile Software Development approach provides the opportunity to clients through which they can be involved in the project throughout. This would mean that work would be prioritized and the plans will be taken care of with the help of review sessions which will involve frequent software building which contains new features. This would also mean that they are seeing work in progress which is in exchange for this added benefit which provides transparency.

  • Predictable and on-time Delivery

If you have been using time-boxed, fixed schedule sprints of 1-4 weeks, it becomes possible to deliver quickly and regularly. Agile Software Development provides an opportunity to release the software earlier than when it was planned.

  • Schedule and cost is Predictable 

The cost is always predictable because the sprint is a fixed duration. It is always limited to the amount of work that can be performed by the team in the schedule box in a fixed time.

  • Allowing Change

There is always an opportunity to constantly refine and put it on priority keeping in mind the overall backlog of products. Providing the opportunity to introduce changes is possible within weeks with the help of Agile Software development.

  • Focusing on Business Value 

If you allow the client to determine the priority, the team will understand what is the most important thing for the client’s business and it will become possible to provide the most important features in the Business.

  • Improvement in quality 

Also if you produce frequent builds and conduct testing and reviews in the process of iteration, quality is improved by providing frequent building and conducting tests. The quality of the product is improved by testing and reviews during each iteration. It will also help in fixing the defects early and identifying mismatches early.

When Coding Brains adopted Agile Software Development, it is very visible that solutions have been delivered on time with a higher degree of Client and Customer Satisfaction. If you incorporate the ability to change, it will become better also to include feedback from demos, usability testing, and the feedback that comes from clients and customers regularly.

So, these were few techniques to deliver products with a high degree of customer satisfaction. Agile Software Development would help the project teams to deal with many of the pitfalls that may happen in common project pitfalls in a very controlled manner.

Just by arranging the activities in a certain way involved in custom software development. Agile can achieve the same things in a more Business focused way.


Written By
Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
Faiz is the Technical Content Writer for our company. He interacts with multiple different development teams in Coding Brains and writes amazing articles about new technology segments company is working on. Every now and then he interviews our clients and prepares video & audio feedback and case studies.