Advantages of Help desk ticketing software and how efficient they really are

As many people know that help desk is the foundation of IT operations. The help desk supports federal, state, and local government agencies.

As the IT functions become more complex and evolve, managers and business owners are becoming concerned and are struggling to see that their help desks are functioning and operating at maximum efficiency. Let us see how we can increase our productivity while operating at maximum efficiency.

Building the Correct structure: 

Efficiency can be greatly enhanced by properly structuring the IT help desk. If you organize help desks into many levels or tiers. Tier 0 is a self-service portal and the other 3 tiers are made up of technicians who have adequate knowledge to carry out the task. Interlevel communication and escalations should be taken care of by IT managers.

Requests to Queue and assign:  

Tickets with the highest priority take up most of the technician’s productive time. So tickets should be queued up on a first come first served basis and should use automated models for assignment. The rule of Priority-based service can be applied to ticket assignments.

Conducting end-user surveys: 

Critical factors like processes, technicians, and technology should be properly evaluated by IT managers. People working as technicians should be evaluated on the responsiveness and speed of ticket resolution.

Conducting annual or semi-annual surveys would help in getting higher-scale feedback. If you wish to get feedback on individual tickets then sending a survey to the users would be a smart choice.

Empowering end-users with self-service: 

Nowadays it has become important to create a self-service portal for the users which can provide solutions and information as a tool to manage efficiency both for the users and IT helpdesk. Creating a self-service portal would also keep the users well informed about any maintenance, planning, or any issues that might come up.

Managing routine tasks: 

 Scheduling and automating are two tools through which the IT help desk can manage routine tasks. When scheduling a ticket would be raised and an appropriate time would be assigned to a technician. Simple and routine tasks can be easily automated which will further help the technicians in managing the tickets which are on high priority.

Increasing collaboration and communication:

Technicians have been communicating back and forth extensively. This takes a lot of time as they constantly switch between applications and also type emails side by side. 

If they start using a Help desk tool this problem can be eliminated. Help desk tool sends and receives emails within the request. Canned text can be used for routine purposes which will reduce the need to manually type emails. 


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Faiz Akhtar
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