7 Trends to be aware of for Front-end Developers in 2021

Front-End Development is a very fast-evolving discipline, so staying at the top is always of concern. Earlier frontend developers only needed to know HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Over the years a pattern has emerged for moving traditional server-based work to the browser-which is now the domain of Front-End Development. 

As per one recent research conducted in 2020, React has dominated the survey report. This open-source JavaScript framework is used by around 74% of users on a regular basis. It is even more than Vue.js and Angular JS together. There are more trends to be aware of this year. In the year 2021 let us look at some of the trends a front-end developer should know about.

Web Components :

Web components are a trend that should be looked forward to in the year 2021. Being framework-agnostic web components are going to gain a lot of popularity in the year 2021. It becomes slow and mundane to extend HTML but web components are something new and immaculate. This will become a very fast-growing trend in Front-end development in the coming years.

TypeScript :

TypeScript has become a rising trend in front-end development. It looks like it is going to continue for few more years especially in the year 2021. You can extend Javascript by putting static typescript which brings it closer to all the high-level languages and by using them commonly on the web in the year 2021. Slowly by adding Typescript to an existing application you can easily adapt the trend and even then a valid Java Script will still work.

Progressive Web Applications :

 Every year they are expected to take off, Progressive Web Application is a very important trend for front-end development. Recent browser developments have seen a lot of companies choose PWA functionality into their existing web applications rather than building an application that is native to the function. This provides flexibility and variety to choose from.

Isomorphic Applications : 

As a front-end developer, you have sufficient knowledge about Client-side Java script but in the year 2021, you have the opportunity to know more about server-side Javascript. Adapting to Isomorphic applications is a big opportunity to look forward to for Front-end developers.

Micro frontends :

Simply by splitting your Monolithic frontend architecture into smaller autonomous components micro frontend developers can enjoy this trend. If you follow the trend of backend microservices you will be led to micro frontends.

GraphQL :

For FrontEnd Developers GraphQl enables declarative data which fetches from a single endpoint. By sending precise data, a client thus improves in storing fix data which slowly breaks the structures of previous years. This also slowly increases the efficiency and development of the Rapid feature.

Jamstack :

It is a very efficient way for Front-End Development. Jamstack is now very popular among Front-end Developers. It has Automated builds, Atomic deploys, instant cache invalidation and for all this, there is no server needed at all. All these features are enjoyed by Front-end developers and it is slowly gaining a lot of popularity as well.

The Future is Bright for Front-end Development and whatever the year may bring it is going to keep growing at a very fast speed.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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