The Applicant Tracking System is a unique software application that is designed to handle the process of recruitment. It works by sorting out thousands of resumes. Here are 6 things you must know about the Applicant Tracking System:

Why do employers use Applicant Tracking Systems? 

Applicant Tracking Systems help the employees save a lot of time and keep them organized. With Applicant Tracking Systems, the risk of an employer accidentally deleting the email containing the resume of the applicant the company wants to hire or misplacing a file is nil.

How do Applicant Tracking Systems work? 

ATS process resumes given by applicants and sometimes even uses social media to recruit the employees. Application Tracking System stores your resume and entry in the database. People recruiting would then search for the skill that they want and would type in the keyword. If your resume has the keyword, then the Application Tracking System would rank you higher in the search result.

What about Social Media? 

Connecting to people has always been an important part of the job-seeking process and social media plays a very important role in it. Applicant Tracking System would show your profile directly to the recruiters and is very easily available to recruiters and HR. Allowing the ATS to find your social profile would be very beneficial and the best site for this is, of course, LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization

Search optimization works just by matching the keywords. If you wish that ATS should notice your resume, you should put keywords according to search engine optimization anticipation.

Research is the key

Resumes should be tailored specifically for each job application that is submitted. It may mean making major or minor changes, your resume should make it very obvious why you are a good candidate for that specific job. Keep a check on things like if the current employees have social media profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn and check if you have similar qualifications of keywords.

Choosing the right kind of keywords with Recruiters

It is best to not use any fluff. Recruiters usually look for certain concrete skills in the resume. When applying for a job as the Manager of Hotel Management, words like “Hospitality”, “Restaurant Manager” and “Hotel Restaurant” works better than using outgoing and leadership. If you are starting to write your resume from scratch you should refer to the resume writing guide and make it even more appealing for recruiters. ATS relies on keywords and thus using the right kind of keywords would be the best to make any resume more appealing.

Applicant Tracking Systems: Friend or Foe? Applicant Tracking Systemshave made the process of recruiting very streamlined for recruiters and reduced the time it would generally take to recruit candidates. Coding brains provides services for Applicant Tracking Systems and helps Businesses and Recruiters to hire the best staff according to their needs. To know further about this Please contact Coding Brains.

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