6 mobile app development trends to watch out for the new business owners

Mobile app development is one of those fields where everyone wants a piece of the action. Its exponential expansion over the past decade demonstrates its profitability. But will it still be a money-making business in the future and what will be the future of mobile app development? Keep reading to find out.

There are currently 2.1 million iOS apps and 2.8 million Android apps. By 2025, more than 70% of the world’s population will use mobile devices. This means there will be millions of apps to download with billions of mobile phones.

In this blog, we will highlight the importance of mobile app and eCommerce website development for businesses and what new business owners can expect from the future.

Here are some upcoming trends that everyone should be aware of:

6 trends that mobile app developers will continue to look forward to in future to enhance productivity:

1) 5G is laying the groundwork: 

Although excitement around fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology has been building for over a decade, most providers will not begin rolling out 5G services until 2021.

5G’s emphasis is on speed. It’s not simply faster than current 4G technology; it can work 100 times faster than most existing networks.

This is important because it allows users, from individuals to corporate networks, to connect to wearables, gadgets and machines in addition to phones.

With a significantly faster speed, information is delivered in milliseconds, reducing latency and providing a better user experience.

2) New beacon technology: 

It is an emerging technology in web and app development that allows businesses to connect using special smartphone apps.

Various industries, including museums, hospitality, healthcare and more, can benefit significantly from adopting this technology.

Beacon technology collects time and location details from customers for in-depth analysis, helps customers improve purchases with special offers created for them, and simplifies payment processing and benefits in several other ways.

3) Cloud services: 

Cloud technology is already being used by several multi-million dollar businesses such as Netflix.

The benefits of cloud computing include lower hosting costs, increased loading capacity, simplified business practices, and other comparable practices.

Cloud technology also deciphers several security issues and with its help, mobile app development has become ethical, accurate and up-to-date. Cloud computing creates powerful applications.

4) Wearable devices can perform additional functions: 

Watches, headphones, and other smart devices, as well as specific items of clothing, are examples of wearable devices. Wearable devices can perform a variety of tasks, including voice activation for phone calls and tracking steps taken each day.

There are approximately one billion networked wearables in use worldwide. The wearable technology industry has been valued at approximately $116 billion in 2021, with major growth still ahead.

Consumer electronics represent the lion’s share of wearable devices. However, there is growing interest in their use for purposes other than simple step counting, especially in healthcare. Another feature you’ll soon be looking for in wearables is security-related smart app features.

5) IoT and big data: 

IoT and Big Data are future game changers and are being discussed practically everywhere today. The mobile app industry is no less. The next big thing is expected in the field of mobile applications.

Mobile connectivity can be scaled up globally and IoT can standardize processes by making them faster.

It’s time for developers to start including this as a mandatory feature. Because future investors will highly value such aspects.

6) Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay: 

Artificial Intelligence is not an old concept now in mobile app development. But AI and machine learning are complex. This will improve the capabilities of the application.

For example, algorithms can use advanced machine learning to learn from a previous learner’s behaviour and then download the data to predict what will happen next.

Biometric facial and speech recognition markers that could increase security features are two areas where AI could excel in future application development.


The mobile app development market is also improving over time. This is the most technological feature that will undoubtedly push mobile app development forward. Over time, new technologies emerge to expand capabilities and develop applications. For more information on developing mobile apps, please contact Coding Brains.

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