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AR-VR is revolutionizing HealthCare to recover from this Pandemic.

AR/VR Image in JPG

Let’s differentiate: AR and VR Are Not the Same AR/VR may sound similar, and as the technologies develop, they bleed over into each other a bit. They’re two very different concepts, though, with characteristics that readily distinguish them from one another. Augmented Reality According to Wikipedia, it is defined as an interactive experience of a […]

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written by Faiz Akhtar for Coding brains section(s).

Web Application Development Help Company Sail Smoothly through the Challenging Market

Blog - Web Apps

A typical web application development consists of many stages. These include accurate planning, high level of strategy, business consultation, required research, design implementation, programming testing, and training. What is Web Application Development? Web Applications are simple websites that are dynamic and combine the programming of the server-side. This promotes easy functionality like interacting with users, […]

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written by Faiz Akhtar for Coding brains section(s).

The Ease of Maintaining the Software Quality in the Era of Cloud Computing Services

cloud computing services

Introduction The shift to the cloud with the inception of PaaS services has made it easier for the developers for what they want to see in the background. With the help of cloud computing services, checking the quality and keeping up the maintenance process is never a hassle. Benefits of maintenance through the cloud There […]

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written by Faiz Akhtar for Coding brains section(s).

Awesome ways to celebrate Mother’s day with the technology!

Mother's Day Celebration 2020

Introduction: No matter what our age is, the mother is always being the mother and we remain their son/daughters. Mother is a figure that is someone who takes care and loves us unconditionally. And in whatever capacity possible, she tries to fulfill all our demands, deals with our tantrums, and makes our lives better, each […]

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written by Faiz Akhtar for Coding brains section(s).

How technology is helping us to survive this Lock-down?

Stay Home, stay safe

Introduction Humans are going through tough times. The global pandemic has changed a lot in terms of lifestyle and the way we work. Whatever be the case, the human race is made for survival. That’s always being the same. Humans never say “Nope!” to survive. When there is a will, there is a way as […]

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written by Faiz Akhtar for Coding brains section(s).
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