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What are the Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology and how many Industries is it going to disrupt?

What are the Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology and how many Industries is it going to disrupt?

The rapid advancement of Blockchain technology shows no signs of slowing down. In the last few decades, many things that seemed impossible have turned out to be false, such as high transaction fees, double spending, pure fraud, recovery of lost data, etc. But all this can now be avoided with the help of Blockchain technology.

The global blockchain technology market will accumulate $20 billion in revenue by 2024. On March 2022, the number of registered blockchain wallets is more than 81 million. Blockchain can reduce infrastructure costs for banks by 30%. Using blockchain, financial companies can save up to $12 billion a year.

What are the benefits of blockchain technology?

Here is a list of the key benefits you can expect when implementing Blockchain technology in your business:

  • It is an immutable public digital ledger, meaning that once a transaction is recorded, it cannot be modified.
  • Thanks to the encryption feature, Blockchain is always secure.
  • Transactions are carried out instantly and transparently as the ledger is automatically updated.
  • As it is a decentralized system, no brokerage fee is required.
  • The authenticity of the transaction is verified and confirmed by the participants.

Blockchain security

One of the negatives of digital transformation has been the increase in personal data theft. Government databases are targeted by cyber hackers. Database hackers exposed the names, social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and driver’s license numbers of millions of Americans, such as the Equifax database breach in 2017. Booz Allen Hamilton wrote that blockchain data structures strengthen network security by reducing the risk of a single point of failure, which makes it harder to crack the database.

Increasing government accountability

In specific applications, blockchain could reduce redundancies in government, streamline processes, reduce audit burdens, increase security, and ensure data integrity. One process ripe for streamlining is GSA’s FastLane process, which manages incoming bids from suppliers. Booz Allen Hamilton wrote that it currently takes 40 days to process incoming submissions. However, the GSA hopes the blockchain solution will help process them within 10 days.

How Will Blockchain Disrupt Industries?

Some industries like Unilever, Walmart, Visa, etc. are using blockchain technology and have gained benefits in terms of transparency, security, and traceability. Due to the advantages that blockchain offers, it will revolutionize and redefine many sectors.

Here are the top 5 industries that will be disrupted by blockchain technology shortly:

  • Banking
  • Cyber ​​security
  • Supply chain management
  • Health care
  • Government

Fundamentals of Blockchain

1) Public distributed ledgers

Blockchain is a public distributed ledger that is also decentralized and is used to record transactions across many computers.

A distributed ledger is a database that is shared between users of the blockchain network.

Transactions are accessed and verified by users affiliated with the Bitcoin network, making it less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

2) Encryption

Blockchain eliminates unauthorized access using a cryptographic algorithm (SHA256) to keep blocks secure.

Each user in the blockchain has every key.

3) Proof of work

Proof of work (PoW) is a method for verifying transactions on a blockchain network by solving a complex mathematical puzzle called mining.

Note: Users who try to solve the puzzle are called miners.

4) Mining

In the blockchain, when miners use their resources (time, money, electricity, etc.) to verify a new transaction and record it in the public ledger, they receive a reward.


Blockchain technology will only grow in business, finance, law, medicine, and real estate. Whether you are an experienced blockchain developer or looking to break into this exciting industry, enrolling in our Blockchain program will help individuals of all experience levels learn blockchain development techniques and strategies. For more information, please reach out to us at Coding Brains.

written by Shriya Sachdeva for Coding brains section(s).

How can Barcode Scanner software effectively track assets and instantly retrieve data?

How can barcode scanner software effectively track assets and instantly retrieve data?

Many modern businesses today use barcode scanning software and reap the benefits of this technology. Barcodes were invented as early as 1951, as were their scanners. However, barcodes took a long time to become successful. It was in the 1960s that they were first used for industrial prospects. Barcodes have their versatile uses in every industry and context such as retail chains, manufacturing units, the healthcare industry, and many more.

Barcode technology effectively tracks assets and instantly retrieves data by simply scanning a barcode. According to researchers Several leading organizations such as Amazon use barcode technology for its 100% accuracy in tracking inventory and assets.

Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners are optical sensors that read a printed barcode, decode its data, and then transmit it to a connected computer system.

Types of barcode scanners:

Barcode scanners are differentiated based on the technology they use to scan the barcode. Below are the main types of barcode scanners in use:

1) Pen-type scanner: It consists of a light source and a photodiode for reading the barcode. The pen tip moves across the barcode lines at a uniform speed.

2) Laser Scanner: It is used in the same way as a pen-type scanner but uses a laser as the light source to read the barcode.

3) LED scanner: It uses an array of hundreds of small light sources arranged in a row, which are used to measure the emitted ambient light from the barcode in order to read and decode it.

4) Camera-based scanner: It works in the same way as LED scanners but generates an image in a 2D field of light sources. The barcode that appears on the image is thus decoded.

5) Omnidirectional barcode scanner: It uses a multi-angle arrangement of scanning lines to be projected onto a barcode. They are most often used in supermarkets.

6) Mobile phone camera: 2D barcodes such as QR codes and data matrix codes are scanned for the smartphone camera.

Working with barcode scanners:

How barcode scanner software works are Barcodes are read through dashes and dots, which are converted into numbers. Thanks to scanner technology, scanning, reading, and decoding barcodes have become easy with a fast reading of black and white zebra lines.

Scanned barcodes are transferred to the output of the scanner or a connected computer device or system to easily identify product information for the organization’s database.

The following steps involve scanning, reading, and decoding the barcode:

  • Scanning via laser light or LED light to the barcode.
  • Light is reflected from the barcode to a photocell (an electronic component for detecting light). The black areas reflect a small amount of light and the white lines reflect the main part of the light.
  • As the scanner moves across the barcode at a uniform speed, the photoelectric cell generates an on-off pulse pattern that communicates with the white and black bars on the barcode.
  • The scanner’s electronic circuitry converts the pulses into zeros and ones (binary numbers), which are then sent to an attached computer system.
  • The barcode reader software captures the barcode data and transfers it to a connected computer system. It is an image and data capture software application that increases work efficiency and works together with existing asset management software.

Benefits of barcode scanner software

  • Improved efficiency: Barcode scanner software allows you to work more accurately and read data and information at a fast pace. Scanner technology makes operation and tracking fast and accurate.
  • Reducing the number of errors: Clear entry of data and information through scanner technology strengthens the business and legacy of the organization with reduced errors.
  • Cost-effective: Accurate data transfer to the system makes it possible to maintain the efficiency of all ongoing processes in the company. When everything goes smoothly and without errors, it saves a lot of money that is caused by errors, problems, or human error.
  • Saves time: Barcode scanner software saves a lot of time in organizing and analyzing the quantity and quality of assets, inventory, and products. With scanner technology, it is very efficient compared to the same task of approx. 4 hours for 5 employees together.
  • Increased productivity: Scanner technology helps increase and increase productivity by digitally updating inventory levels or asset movements. The software has significant simplified advantages that also reduce the training time of the applications.
  • Business Intelligence: The software makes it easy to record and maintain data for every update regarding transactions or operations, digitally and track them.


Barcode scanner software can be implemented for any business, institution, or service provider. Software is known to improve operations and solve business problems. Additionally, the barcode scanner app can manage security, attendance, access control, and asset tracking in institutions and organizations.

All this can be achieved with barcode scanners. Nowadays, they have become mobile and laser controlled. Barcode scanning is an integral part of asset tracking and inventory management. Improves accuracy, reduces human error, and improves inventory management discipline. To know more about barcode scanning apps please contact us at Coding Brains.

written by Shriya Sachdeva for Coding brains section(s).

What can Product Engineering Services do for your Organization?

What Can Product Engineering Services do for Your Organization?

Modern-day businesses have moved on from the traditional waterfall business model to the methodology which is agile simply because of its fast progression, greater turnaround time, flexible approach, and customer-benefit approach.

The trick of the trade in the software product engineering realm lies in regular evolution and dealing with legacy systems.

What are the Factors that prevent Enterprises from choosing an Advanced Technology System?

  • There is a lot of  fear of risks involved in factors which include cost, providing training, and development of internal system changes, delay in time, etc 
  • There is a lot of uncertainty for clients to like the new system adaptation in software product engineering
  • There are a lot of efforts which is involved in obtaining the right kind of expertise and technology support for customizable application development. These challenges can be easily adapted, and providers of product engineering services can ease the disconcert with relentless support. Assured product engineering service is a big bonus for adapting to the new changes happening in the business. This new system would require regular discussions between product engineers and key project holders and leaders.

What is Product Engineering in today’s world?

 Product engineering service would refer to the set of activities that are given so that the form of professional support for hardware, which is embedded and also in the IT service solutions and thus the product designing and the development of the project.
It will also involve innovation, design and development testing, and software integration thus also deploying the software products which will be in tandem with the latest technologies and the software delivery through different platforms. This process would also indicate gradually transformed client-enabling engineering services from traditional products which can be used for engineering in a systematic product.

The various phases that product engineering that would make a formidable unit can be:

  • Product Architecture 
  • Product Design
  • Product Testing
  • Product Migration and Porting
  • Technical Support

According to researchers from “ Markets and Markets” in 2016, would denote that the product engineering services market can improve and reach USD more than 1000 billion by 2021.

Consumers usually believe in outsourced product engineering services since they can not help enterprises they can focus a lot on their core business operations to let go them compete as their technology leaders. It will become possible for Technology companies that can now eat the cake too. 

The Benefits of Professional Product Engineering Services and Solutions to Your Organization would mean many people are ready to implement features and functionalities and the processes that would contribute to shorter turnarounds.

Product Engineering services and solutions can strategically work as the business creator which would help in changing your business and cultivating business goals that are strategic business plans through constant innovations of the product.

The Benefits that Product Engineering Services provide to companies include:

  • To Get the bandwidth of focus on core competencies while putting the bonus of augmented services that the outsourced PES service providers
  • Earning competitive expertise in a new technology domain without any kind of cost spikes
  • To Achieve system interdependency through cross-functional platforms and third-party devices.
  • Becoming adept at technology in real-time and creating dynamic customer need is very important.
  • Changing the long-pending services and applying for Legacy Application Modernization to deal with stringent competition.

So to go through Product engineering services successfully there are a few steps that you would need to take.

  • Identification of Competitive Strengths
  • Ideation and Prototyping
  • Product Development, Engineering, and Testing
  • End-to-End Service Implementation
  • Product Support and Maintenance

This stage will be able to offer a competitive benefit to businesses and the market through exceptional customer connections and mining data. It would also Support activities that will enable to fortify the customer’s trust and offer intuitive ways of making the digital products more convenient for users.

For more information on Product engineering services please contact us at coding brains.


written by Faiz Akhtar for Coding brains section(s).

Choosing the Best Magento Developer and solutions partner, analyzing the key factors and skills required

Choosing the best Magneto developer and solutions partner, analysing the key factors and skills required

For both Magento developers and businesses, Magento is quite a prominent e-commerce platform because of its flexibility, scalability, architecture, and security features. Magento is customizable, allowing customized e-commerce websites as per the client’s requirement. Developing online stores which are effective demands modern techniques to build designs that increase online sales by making buying decisions easy.

As per the research, e-commerce retail sales are expected to reach 6.54 trillion dollars by the year 2023. We are going to take a look here at what it means to hire a Magento developer. Let us look at a few important points to consider when you are hiring a Magento developer.

When hiring Magento Developers please consider your requirements:

You must have a picture of what you expect from your Magento developer. It becomes very important to consider the requirements while hiring Magento developers.

It would be best to keep these things in mind while hiring a Magento developer:

1) Frontend development or backend:

If you wish to build a website that looks professional and copies your business properly as well. The best thing needed for your business would be to generate a database and launch an application and continuously maintain the services.

2) To choose between a developer or an agency:

A single developer is not enough, if the business is large and there are a lot of websites and a very large big database, it is then needed to manage the Magento sites. It becomes beneficial to hire an agency to do your work.

3) Part-time developer or Full-time developer: 

The developer has a very dynamic profile. It is very important to understand the developers on a contractual or permanent basis. 

Let us analyze the key factors before we Hire Magento Developers. Magento app development demands complete knowledge and skillsets. So it is always said to team up with a Magento expert so that it becomes easy to build the eCommerce website. There are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration before hiring Magento specialists:

1) Expertise in development: 

Magento developers should have proper knowledge of CMS which should be implemented according to the eCommerce website. This should be able to easily mold their development skill and the project needs as well. 

2) Programming languages knowledge:

A Magento developer needs to have proper knowledge of all the basic programming languages. It is a very essential part of any work and the support for the usage of programming languages. A Magento traveler must master the PHP language to become an expert.

3) Problem-solving skills:

Magento developers should have the task at hand to make the process easier. while developing an eCommerce website and during these times the Magento developer helps in problem-solving skills.

What to see while hiring a Magento Developer?

In India, the most challenging and daunting responsibility that every business executive faces is to hire the best Magento developer. Magento is an open-source development framework that every e-commerce development business prefers to opt for. In the e-commerce industry, the name Magento has gained a leading role and can be taken up by anyone which gives it the freedom to customize an online shop according to the specifications of the clients.

Hiring Magento development through coding brains is going to be a stepping stone for you and is going to affect your online business in a big way for the coming years. Performing complex coding in Magento is a quite efficient part of a Magento developer. To get in touch with the best Magento developer please contact Coding Brains.

written by Faiz Akhtar for Coding brains section(s).

Challenges of Blockchain development: Busting the myths, blockchain adoption and possible solutions

BlockChain development ensures us of a world where digital code, shared databases can function with the necessary protection. It is protected from getting deleted and any kind of tampering. If we understand this well, then in this world every agreement will have a record that is digital because of this we can identify signatures. Intermediaries will be able to function with very little friction and it would thus prove to have immense potential.

BlockChain development ensures us of a world where digital code, shared databases can function with the necessary protection. It is protected from getting deleted and any kind of tampering. If we understand this well, then in this world every agreement will have a record that is digital because of this we can identify signatures. Intermediaries will be able to function with very little friction and it would thus prove to have immense potential.

With the introduction of Blockchain development, researchers claim that businesses are going to get revolutionized thus changing the companies and economics. Blockchain is a foundational technology. It is capable of creating new foundations which can change our social and economical chains.

Let us look at the Myths about Blockchain development:-

1) Blockchain is similar to Bitcoin

Blockchain has many benefits and it is a very large electronic system that will allow you to create applications and currency. To use an example, email and the internet are two different things similarly Bitcoin and blockchain are also very different. As bitcoin has become very popular this misconception has arisen in a lot of people.

2) Blockchain is offering questionable Security

Just as a lot of networks are not secure, the same goes with Blockchain. Despite this, it provides a lot of security over other networks. Someone who has a substantial amount of control and proper resources to access the blockchain work with the data provided, even then because of the distributed network it is very safe and secure to use.

3) Monetary Outlook

Usually, we see that Blockchain development is just monetary, but the truth is it is not so. Because of the rising popularity of bitcoin and interest in the bitcoin, this has become a norm. The potential of technology goes much beyond bitcoin, it is not just monetary.

Now that we have busted these myths about blockchain development let us look at how blockchain helps your business. It will not only help you in increasing your earning but also make your business more efficient.

1) A self-executing contract that has the terms and conditions for all parties which are written directly in the code. The code and terms of the contract are worked upon by a blockchain network. This ensures that all the parties which are in the agreement do what they are supposed to do. These automated programs are run without downtime and also do not interfere with external parties.

2) Hiring efficient employees is very important to choose the right kind of people who can work for a business with you so that the business can grow. Hiring the right kind of employee would need a lot of time, effort, and research. Looking at these things it is very much clear to us that blockchain development technology can make the whole process very easy and efficient for business.

3) Blockchain helps you in making your marketing efforts very effective and as we all know that good marketing is very important for any business. With the kind of competition available in the market, it becomes difficult to stand out and get potential customers for your business. For any kind of business, Marketing is very vital and blockchain development technology helps you in lining both things.

Thus Blockchain facilitates reliable identity management, the customers and employees have digital IDs that help in identifying them. If all this information is stored on a blockchain network, it will reduce the risk of identity theft and money laundering.

So to conclude, the development of software solutions based on the Blockchain slowly will be a fundamental reason to create important competitive advantages in different economic sectors. For expert blockchain services, please visit Coding Brains.

written by Faiz Akhtar for Coding brains section(s).
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