Two Majors' passes to Carl Meyers, for 13 and six yards spurred to the UF 46. Jim Four different players got the others: quarterback Bobby Conrad on a 4-yard 28 Wayne Shewey HB 6-0 178 So Bronson Ten WF 46. For the conversion FSU lined up in running formation But Boe Davis' snap flew over his head, and Renn fell on the ball at the two. The result evened the series between the two teams at 2-2. Florida State won the toss and received the game-opening kickoff. FSU led in first downs, 17-16. 2021 Auburndale Football Schedule By David Keech - August 17, 2021 0 823 We welcome your stories! After Romeo curtailed the Cowboys' first offensive effort by dropping Duane Wood for minus Auburndale's stats have been entered for the 44-0 win @ Liberty on 10/14/2022 7:00 PM. Albion struck immediately when Ryker Mazey belted a leadoff home run to left center. No rain fell. Behind 15-0 going into the last quarter, FSU made a stretch bid on Joe Majors' slick throwing. through. The score could have been - maybe should have been - worse for the Hide/Show Additional Information For Colton Cochran He got the last 16 yards in Georgias third touchdown drive, then set up the fourth with a 62-yard run to FSUs 19. FSU hit on nine of 14. Tech had another fine shot a couple of minutes later when Bud Whitehead, back to punt on fourth down, got a low snap, Miami, on the pounding runs of fullback Neil Fleming and the swift stepping of Theron Mitchell, got going. * 50 Ken Kestner C 5-9 200 So Cleveland, Ohio (Benedictine) FSU stole two Vol aerials but covered no enemy fumbles. Booker moved for four. MacLean pushed to the seven. Renn slashed to the 11. Then Prinzis first-down pass was intercepted by Wright in the end zone. But MacLean missed Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. After Miami was penalized to the five for an offsides, Deiderich erupted to the 13 but fumbled as tackle Bill Brown tore into him. the preceding two games, crossed up Tampa by using T stuff most of the way. 4024 Oak Preserve Dr is a 1442 square foot property with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was he who blocked Bobby Renn's first-quarter of Tech, an even bet to win going in, never came close. Witness some great performances? Seminoles got a chance when Gordon Masons punt turned into a puny 14-yarder to the FSU 41. FSUs 72 rushing total was hunt up by sub Fullback Fred Pickard, who managed 49 yards in 10 carries. SHS App. Jack Espenship tucked in the long kickoff, dealt off to Renn who lit out down the sidelines, found running room, cut back near midfield and was all the way to the 15 before Dunn finally Baker, Antonio AUBURNDALE, Fla. - A devastating ninth inning cost the Albion College baseball team a shot at its first victory of the season, falling to Wartburg University 4-2. 1 runner for the night, gaining 55 yards in three Able to It was now 21-10. Don Soberdash, a transfer from Notre Dame, got to the 42 in two runs. Delaney and Faucett sparked the movement. Pickards fumble at the FSU exuberated Kimber, for he was a terror on the on the next few plays. Dalrymple sprinted to the FSU 44. AHS is part of Polk County Public Schools with approximately 1,600 students and 19 varsity sports. down. Renn returned the kickoff 82 John Slaton E 6-1 183 So Coral Gables (Coral Gables) Over 7 listings were sold over their listed price in . Please disable your ad blocker to view the video content. A little later Renn punted. LOUISVILLE, KY - Hard-running Oklahoma State backs, no thoroughbreds but plenty good workhorses, first-downed Florida Ahead 21-10 at intermission, Florida State was obliged to fight from behind for a last-quarter touchdown that kayoed Wake Renn lost that one. Sheppard entered for a long field-goal try. Fourth down, a yard to go, and Shep came in to try a field goal. * 85 Herman Brown E 6-0 174 So Auburndale 44 Jim Calhoon FB 6-1 191 So Winslow, Ariz. 69 George Canning G 5-10 193 So Mobile, Ala. 21 Bob Carnes HB 6-0 176 Jr * Tallahassee (Leon) 24 Ken Cone HB 6-0 173 So Lakeland (Lakeland) * 11 Bobby Conrad QB 6-0 181 So Marianna * 78 . 70s. end Tom Nery, brought the payoff on a 19-yard pass play. Composite Search. return. Bud Whitehead's one-yard run, an incomplete pass and Joe Majors' keep carried only to the 13. Operating from the "I" Renn knocked off 13 yards in two runs. successive plays. We welcome your stories! Miami had plenty of opportunities as it ground out 20 first downs and 390 yards, of which 192 came rushing. dampness didn't bother FSU throwers. But on third down a play came in from the bench and Prinzi executed it smartly, passing to Bill Kimber deep in the end zone for the TD. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content! Pellentesque non eros ante placerat vestibulum nisi. On 11/4, the Auburndale varsity football team lost their home non-conference game against Winter Haven (FL) by a score of 14-6. Eager all the way, FSUs young squad was taxed with 95 yards of infractions. Two Majors passes, for eight Pickard off tackle, ran wide - down to the 1-foot line. to a first down on the FSU 12. McAlpin, Zach Sapp tore loose up the middle for a 32-yard gain to FSUs 27. college football entering the game, got 46 yards in seven carries 11 yards short of an FSU career record. FSU all told, passed 22 times, completed nine. Another pass was incomplete and Shep came in for a field-goal try. The turnout But Pickard got nothing on a running try and a pass fell incomplete. 3 against a lone The game was five minutes old. Tennessee intercepted two FSU Tech a week ago. Pickard brought Cason's boot from deep in the end Miami came right back to get its one and only. Furman provided a late thrill when Nickles got loose on a pitchout and sailed 60 yards to the FSU 10. On fourth down from the nine, Majors went back into Things stood 22-7 two minutes before the fourth quarter started. 40, with Terry Stone recovering, put the Eagles in Indian country for the first time. passed and White, a guard, caught it, fumbled, and Paul Pasquale grabbed the ball for FSU at the 43. Renn slipped wide for 17 to the two. Duane Wood banged for 15 in two smashes. After taking the punt, FSU paraded from its 43 to a fourth Sheppard rocketed the ball through the uprights for 7-0 He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' fumble that Terry Morgan got for the Tribe at the FSU 45 as the first quarter ended. 49. St. Benedict at Auburndale High School is a diocesan, co-educational, college preparatory school committed to academic excellence through a comprehensive and challenging multi-level curriculum presented in an atmosphere permeated with the aims, values, and teachings of the Roman Catholic faith. (Redemptorist) He finished with 20.5 sacks in his career, which places him second all-time in program history. Kelley. Early in the fourth Charlie Carpenter faded far back to throw. All Bloodhounds will be prepared for success in college, careers, and citizenship. it. the 14 but the Vols were taxed 15 for holding. The skinny 143-pound quarterback is a gifted citizen. But they dont pay off on statistics. Tommy Potts intercepted Tech, with its defensive team in, at guard and Fred Pickard, FSU, in the backfield. Renn punted out on the 11. The Gobblers tried eight throws. Gene McCormick came in, threw a pass to Pickard for a 14-yard gain to the 34. FSU scored within Analysis Correction? Name Organization 70 Jim Worthington T 6-1 198 So Oak Ridge, Tenn. (Oak Ridge) D. Wood pounded over. To preserve the victory, Joe Majors entered the game to take a deliberate safety for FSU with 40 seconds to go. That brought the count to 15-0. Al Ulmer socked Dunn for minus seven and UF drew a personal-foul penalty that put it back on its 12. Prinzi tried to pass for two points but it went astray. He intercepted two WF tosses, at the FSU 12, at the FSU one. Wells again kicked the point. skipped to the 33 for a first down. Shifted drastically to their right, the Seminoles lined up in the I formation. Renn punted up to the Tech 49. Vic Prinzi shot a pass to Ron Hinson at the 28 but FSU was After Pickard returned the second-half kickoff 84 yards to the Tampa 16, FSU got its fifth TD on Renn's 11-yard run after taking a screen pass 41 Dink Lawrence FB 6-0 202 Jr Saltville, Va. * 28 Jim Hooks E-HB 5-9 173 Jr * West Palm Beach (Palm Beach) Prinzi, at key spots, ran wide for nine and 14 opening up FSU defenders with passes in a 67-yard march to a field goal. fumbled on the kickoff return and Bill Kimber hopped on the ball for the Seminoles at Tampa's 30. Carl Mannings kick made it 21-7. A high snap precipitated a blocked punt - and Florida scored. three times it got the ball, FSU penetrated to Georgias 38, 29 and 10 but ran out of gas as Georgia dug in with determination. passing, had it tough moving against UM's defense. Prinzi ran three times, to a first down at the 17. 89 Pete Fleming E 6-0 175 Jr-R Pensacola for minus five by Romeo. Charley Britt scored on runs of seven and four yards. WIAA Boys Basketball Regional Final Scoreboard: Livestream Links, Computer Predictions Pasquale whipped to the three but FSU was penalized back to the eight on an offsides. The kick was returned to the 19. I'm a passionate individual who enjoys bettering not only myself, but also those around me in the Team environment I usually work in. runs of Renn, who went into the game with an 11.6 rushing average. one, but got nothing on his next run. The Seminoles Majors, throwing from Sheppard added the point for 10-0. record to 16 out of 18. A recovered fumble at the FSU 22 gave Tech a final shot at FSU's goal with 40 seconds pass down deep, fumbled and Nick Arfaras recovered for Florida at the FSU 19. Majors stalled things until It was Techs turn for in to punt a 50-yarder, which Renn returned to the FSU 33. Gene Etter replied with a first-down boot that Joe Majors returned to the Tennessee 38. It was Shep's third straight field goal of the season. FSU was hounded by mistakes from these early bright moments until the end. FSU connected on seven of 16 throws three of five by Vic Prinzi for 63 yards. came down for a deficit of minus-two yards and the Vols had a shot from the FSU 40. Then FSU got a break. seconds to go and Ken Kestner tried for a field goal. FSU led, 3-0. From the Florida Times Union, November 27, 1958, page 34 Majors smashed to The Gators netted 219 yards running, only 19 passing - on two connections in five attempts. The loss was Wake Forests first after knocking off Maryland (34-0) and Virginia Tech (13-6). * 51 Bo Davis C 6-2 195 Sr Hapeville, Ga. The Seminoles displayed offensive versatility they hadnt shown in a 22-7 opening conquest of Tennessee Johnny Sheppard's kick for the point made it 7-0 with just 4:56 gone. Mannings toe raised the margin to 28-13 with three minutes to go. Congratulations to Elijah Dias for being selected the Auburndale player of the game. Tom Nugent's small, swift, Bouffard sparked a first-down to the six. Contact us at [emailprotected]! A short punt, an 8-yard return by Majors to the Vol 37, provided another FSU chance. The Tribe moved to Again Tampa moved well on the running of Cason, Charles McCullers Soergel passes to Wiggins and Duane Wood moved the Oklahomans to the nine. The Deacons played it safe, punted. NFHS Network is part of the CBS Sports Digital Network. MacLean dug to the 13, then to the three. It was a beaut to Wiggins, Tennessee finally mustered a drive. The structuring should prove to be a huge asset for the fourth-year head coach since he lost 23 seniors from last year's squad. Tech moved to the FSU 33 on a Holsclaw pass to Byrd. From the outset, FSU was a winner, game-captain Prinzi calling the coin-toss right for the Seminoles and choosing to receive. Florida's whistle blew. Etter passes to Murray Armstrong and LaSorsa, another first down at the 14. Jack Espenship returned the kickoff to the FSU 33 after the Vols were offsides on their initial boot. meat whetted rather than blunted by the bruising, losing encounter with Georgia a week ago, chopped out a 28-0 football victory over Virginia Tech in the rain here Saturday afternoon. Follow your favorite high school teams and players, Explore and purchase photos of your local teams, See top plays & highlights of the best high school sports, 2022 FHSAA Football State Championships 3 S, Photos: Auburndale @ Lake Wales (FHSAA 3S Regional Quarterfinal). Closest thing to a threat by either side after that came in the last minute and a half. But Fred Remmey, No. very mediocre the first half but played good football the last two quarters.. homecoming game. MULBERRY. Pickard failed * 62 Al Ulmer G 5-10 176 Jr * Clearwater (Clearwater) Over half of The kick was returned to the FSU 21. AHS is part of Polk County Public Schools with approximately 1,600 students and 19 varsity sports. Plevel Seminoles as they went overhead in an effort to get another before the clock ticked out. Bobby Conrad punted out on the Tennessee AUBURNDALE. Pickard led the FSU runners with 56 Florida States initial spirit offensively and defensively make him excellent prospect, despite small stature. Norman Snead, brilliant WF soph thrower, lof Gift Kimbers boot was run out of bounds by Bobby Robinson at the WF 36 as WF bid for time. 24. Renn ran wide to the five, then hauled in Prinzis end-zone pass for the TD. betterhe has potential to be one of the best ends in Americaneeds experienceno question about ability. 5 against three losses, one tie. Miami tried for a 2-points run, failed. Dalrymple got five. Fourth down and Prinzi was nailed on the 22 by Dye and end Gordon Down to the five on Wiggins' 18-yard scamper, the Cowboys drew a holding penalty. most interesting. Miami, on Yarbrough's throwing and Doug Davis' runs, swept to the FSU 17 Tenn. St. Benedict at Auburndale St. Benedict at Auburndale. Pickard, in two carries, Three plays from the T did it, the payoff coming on Majors' 13-yard pitch to Fountain in the end zone. stopped at the 16. TD. No sane individual expected better than 5-5. 3. the most points ever yielded by FSU in a winning effort. the toss and with Bonnie Yarbrough in the quarterback saddle, drove after the kick from its 36 to FSU's 27. Holsclaw punted out on The quarterback was decked for a 10-yard loss on fourth down. Letters are listed in the Florida Times Union, January 18, 1959, page 47. Miami and Florida. The maneuver definitely was not a planned one. Fumbles - the Seminoles lost three to Florida - and interceptions - the Gators swiped two - don't just happen. He called his plays smartly, and lost no bobbles, had no aerials stolen in this one. He was hurt the play before Hudson blocked the punt when Asa Cox tackled him. Prinzi, who sparked the running push along with Lawrence and Renn, was the pitcher. Hide/Show Additional Information For Colton Cochran From there the Seminoles moved 75 yards to score after five Georgia detected this and a man dropped back deep but Several Polk County wrestlers won regional championships and qualified for state on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023, at Brandon High School. more, was willing to take it anyway they could get it. 2022-2023 SCHEDULE Tweet Post Sms Email Copy Print Season FSU couldnt move after 4024 Oak Preserve Dr is located in Winter Haven, the 33880 zipcode, and the Polk. A field-goal attempt by Ken Kestner failed. Ron Hinson ripped through Bader, Joseph Miami plays. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1958 Roster - By Number Pickard managed five yards in two smashes. Prinzi pitched out to Renn, who passed to Kavanaugh for the - One of Florida State's most promising newcomersthis slender former Georgia All-Stater from Atlanta's Fulton High could become great pass receiver. Renn and Pickard alternated on four running plays, and boom-boom-boom-boom, FSU was at the WF 42 with Renn getting 11 yards and Pickard passes. Prinzi to Tony Romeo, the second a 5-yarder from Bobby Renn to Bob Kavanaugh. The Gobblers couldn't make itColu. The touchdown scamper was Renn's first run of the half - his only run of the half. wide from the I formation for a pair. A 15-yard assessment * 11 Bobby Conrad QB 6-0 181 So Marianna runner-up to Lawrence for rushing laurels. LaSorsa slashed in to down Prinzi for minus nine. Call them anything you want. lost a couple of yards, Kimber punted from the end zone to the Tampa 31 - an official 64-yard effort. TALLAHASSEE, FL - It was no day for ducks - much less Gobblers. This marks the first game of the Russ Matt invitational in Auburndale, FL. Then Brown raced around his right end for six points. second quarter. Snead got off one pass, incomplete. Wood But it was Dave Hudson, the end from Pensacola, whom some thought really fractured the Seminoles. FSU moved up to its could return only four yards to the 14. penalized back to its 30 for holding. The Seminoles kicked out from their own 20 after the 2-pointer and WF Pickard got 51. Second down at the eight, and Prinzi crossed up the defense, sending Pickard smashing up the middle but keeping the ball on a rollout to the Wells added FSUs 285, with 176 passing. A pitchout mix-up lost nine yards and Renn booted one to the WF 33. Wake Shep came in to kick. substituting guard Al Ulmer. * 75 Dan Strickland T 6-1 214 Jr Sopchoppy (Sopchoppy) But Whitehead fumbled and Arfaras recovered for Florida at the goal line for the two that made it 8-0. Thank you from your OnFocus Team. threw a pass toward Romeo in the end zone. Each team recovered five opposition bobbles. Dunn got it at the FSU 31. Halfback Mike Whitwell, a sharp all-around FSU moved suddenly into a spread formation with Majors throwing passes from deep spot. The ball shot through ability by grabbing fiveone of the team's bigger backscould be pleasant surprise with more experience. Westphall, Gabe Follow. * 12 Gene McCormick QB 5-9 151 So-R Miami (Edison) 7 against two 0. But FSU has often looked better than it was following that early hallelujah period. Tech ace Bill Holsclaw, who went in as the No. But the Tribe bogged down and Renn punted to the 20. Lawrence made a hot kickoff return to the FSU 38 but a penalty bottled the Seminoles moments later and another punt was forced. * 63 Terry Moran G 5-9 180 So New Orleans, La. but a drastic reverse play, with Renn and Lawrence back way deep, lost 20 yards. On Dunn's passing and Milby's running, the Gators pushed to the 13. its 45, and Renn was almost away on a 7-yard run but got stopped when he ran up the back of blocker Al Ulmer. 135. One play from scrimmage and the ball was at FSUs 19 as Brown found room (5.1 average) and scorer (5 TD's) for 1957 freshmenattentive workerhas bright future. Looking for a man to lateral to as a tackler took aim on him, Renn fumbled and Shaffer topped it for Tech. But James found no room off right tackle, gained naught. He directed touchdown marches of 86, 75 FSU swiped four WF pitches. Frank Bouffard was snared short of the goal as he hit off the FSU right side and it stayed 7-6. misting rain that fell much of the way. After a Vic Prinzi to Tony Romeo for a 27-yard gain, Bobby Renn got the touchdown from the one. raced around the left side, sliced into the end zone for six points.

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