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Web & Mobile App Development process

Date:: 28-06-2020

is the process of creating an application program residing on remote web servers and interacting with users devices over the internet.

Two documents are essential and prerequisites for building any successful web and mobile application

The document defining web applications scope

The document defining Audience Scope

Two Essential Components of Web Application

  • Front-end Development

The front-end consists of HTML, CSS, and JS – like one of our front-end services below.

Angular JS

Scalable and interactive web designs and apps with diverse Angular JS services.

Knock Out JS

Applications are built utilizing a two-way responsive data binding mechanism between the data model and User Interface

React JS

Open-source JavaScript platform of ReactJS to develop different types of iterative user interfaces.

Meteor JS

An open-source web framework is written utilizing Node.js allowing for producing cross-platform code and rapid prototyping.

Vue Js

A developing real-time as well as dynamic applications with Vue.js, which is adaptable due to its integration capabilities with other JavaScript libraries.

  • Back-end Development

Building a backend database is a complex part of the web application development process. Functionalities including to provide HTTP endpoints for your frontend ( CRUD ), authenticate users, and serve front-end.

Examples of a web application

Google docs

Mail chimp



Prerequisites of Web App Development Process

Deep research, clients needs,

The document defining Web Application

The document defining Audience Scope

Data flow diagrams

Defining Goal and target audience

Clarify the business vision and target audience your web and mobile app will cater to.

Sketching your  thoughts &  Prototype building

Putting your thoughts on paper, called wire-framing too, an essential part outlining the complete process.

Back end Definitions

Defining a back end

Prototype testing

Testing the prototype

Right Partner Selection

Choosing the right partners/developers who are experts and authority in their subject

Project kickoffs

Specifying the team leads, roles to avoid any later confusion.


UX & UI Design

Development & Quality Assurance

Writing the codes and employing quality assurance at each step.


Publishing web application

Maintenance and Promotion

Maintenance and Digital promotion utilizing the right tools, right partners.

Mobile App Development

Providing a seamless experience to the customer, Mobile App Developers,  professionals utilize advanced tools and frameworks to design custom applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows devices during a whole Mobile App Development process. From creating a strategy to app design to develop and deploy the mobile application, strict guidelines should be followed to deliver top-ranking apps.

Few of  the best laid down strategies and technologies in Mobile App Development Include the following

iOS Development

Android Development

Windows App Development

Hybrid App Development

Progressive Web App Development (PWAs)

Swift App Development

Kotlin App Development

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Web App Development and Mobile App development is at the core of Information Technology Solutions companies worldwide.  Please have a look at the top trends of Mobile App development in 2020

Top Five Trends of Mobile App development in 2020

  1. IoT( Internet of Things) Integration apps, giving Users the much-needed automation platform eg Smart Home Solutions, etc
  2. Mobile App development for wearable devices, eg Mobile watches, post-Covid, we will see a surge in wearable devices and fold-able devices like mobiles having fold-able options.
  3. Mobile E-commerce apps are going to increase as almost 70% of revenue generation will come from mobile apps by the end of 2020.
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning apps integration like predictive maintenance, image recognition, face detection are already in the market and its usage is bound to increase with time in 2020 and ahead.
  5. AR-VR, chatbots, IoT, Cloud Computing Solutions will be integrating providing scalability and flexibility to mobile Apps and these technologies. This will be the year of integration.

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